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Voice Coaching for Childbirth

Can’t wait to catch up with you. Giving birth was the most intense and amazing experience I’ve ever had. What you and I worked on together got me through it… the breathing/voice techniques, movement gestures, visualization, etc. The overall strength and focus it took to bring her into the world was unbelievable. I pulled on everything we did together and you helped me prepare so well. I’m so happy we had had our sessions and we have to get together so I can share my birth story soon. Much love and thanks!

Melissa P, Chapel Hill, NC

I was in my third trimester of my pregnancy when I began working with Jenny, and was planning on having an all-natural childbirth without the use of any painkillers or interventions…When I initially thought of “voice work” I imaged people howling or making dramatic noises. In working with Jenny, I soon discovered that using my voice authentically did not mean that I had to be loud and expressive if I didn’t want to. Jenny helped me discover that simply following the sound of my breathing was still a way of creating noise.

While working with Jenny through a guided meditation, she helped me visualize a safe and sacred space to be able to call upon later in times of stress. Jenny encouraged me to paint the images from the meditation before the labor, which made the metaphors of inner-strength feel more real.

I also appreciated the exercises using ice that Jenny performed with me because they gave me a chance to practice staying in the moment and feel the true sensations instead of labeling them as “pain” and reacting to them by clenching up and making it worse. Practicing this in the weeks before labor was the key factor in my labor being easy. I was able to stay “in the moment” for 12 hours! Throughout the entire labor,I had very intense sensations, but no suffering.

I feel that I truly benefited from discovering during sessions with Jenny that using my voice did not mean I had to be loud…If I didn’t feel the urge to make noise, I didn’t make noise. For the long hours of my labor, I was in a state of focused meditation,noticing what was happening in each new moment, instead of dropping into a story about pain. No one knew when I was having a contraction, even when I had gone into the pushing phase. My midwife said I was the most focused woman she had seen in her 40 years of practicing midwifery.

I would certainly recommend Jenny’s body centered awareness work to any woman who wants to learn how to use their breath and body to experience the birth process as an exciting new experience instead of something to fear.

“Tikvah” Bethany Adler, Visual Artist and New Mom, Chapel Hill, NC

Wellness Coaching

I like to think that Jenny saved me from the stress of my wedding day. I would highly recommend that anyone who is going through a stressful life transition spend a few hours with her as she gently and understandably walks you through all of the details that may be overwhelming your being.

Jessica Lobdell, Photographer, Moncure, NC

Working with Jenny gives me comfort knowing that I have someone to talk to. She’s made me realize that I do not have to be superwoman and that I may ask for help if I need it. Her wellness coaching has been an investment to me and my future. Life is so much easier now that I have the tools to handle my life…. My only regret about working with Jenny would be that I didn’t meet her two or three years earlier.

B.S., HR Specialist

Jenny has a deep passion and a great understanding for the work she is doing – stress reduction and embodiment work truly is her gift…Jenny’s coaching has provided me a direct recipe to get out of my own head and to look at things from other angles and not just look at the stress itself. I feel more awake and alive to address any situation that may come up in my relationships. I have learned how to let things be…. I found Jenny’s work to be better than counseling. I feel it’s a treat to work with her and with each session I take away another one of life’s little secrets.

Robin Wallace, Student, Brooklyn, NY

Artistic Development/Voice Coaching

I hadn’t really thought of hiring a vocal coach for my ten-year-old daughter, Margaret, although she had expressed some interest. It was quite by accident that led me to Jenny Chafe, who was an old acquaintance. What I find most intriguing about Jenny’s work is how she helps artists to find their “voice.” It doesn’t matter if someone is a singer or an actor, Jenny works with a client to find their strengths.

In just a short period of time it is absolutely clear that Margaret has made great progression with her voice. She has much better control and is able to play with her voice. You can actually tell that she is singing and using her own voice, rather than just singing along, like I may do to a song.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Jenny is for Margaret to see that if you make a commitment and effort to developing your passion, you can really see the results and get something out of your hard work and dedication.

Margaret sings all of the time now. She is also more formal and practices her scales. She will take a song and sing it in different ways, changing her tone, her range, the melody and the lyrics. She really tries to take the song and ‘own it.’

I would absolutely recommend Jenny to other artists. In fact, I keep suggesting to my husband that he explore his singing voice a bit further. For now he and I look forward to Margaret’s first recital so that she may share her gift and talent outside of our family.

Caroline Slade, Mother of Margaret, Singer, Chapel Hill, NC

I began working with Jenny because I had this feeling of a blockage in the back of my throat and no matter how many times I coughed and tried to clear it, I was unsuccessful. I was working on a song that hinged upon a crucial phrase of music. The pressure on me to perform this perfectly was particularly intense.

The result of my work with Jenny was that the blockage in my throat cleared the more deeply I became aware of all the ways I was subconsciously creating my own limitations.
 I believe in ancient times one would go to the Village Shaman for the kind of insight and healing I experienced as a result of my work with Jenny. With her masterful facilitation and her breadth of knowledge and the unique gentleness of her presence, I found that I was able to go much deeper into the exploration of the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of my singing.

Jathan Gurr, Musician/Artist, Berkeley, CA

Jenny has provided me with the right techniques and skills to be able to relax to the point where I am now comfortable and confident to do what I want artistically and musically… I feel any artist who wishes to perform in front of an audience, or those who feel they are not living up to their potential or just those who want to enjoy their talents more deeply, should seek out Jenny’s unique artistic development coaching. After working with Jenny, I feel so much freer, more capable and comfortable in expressing my gift of playing music.

M.A. Limbert, Professional Fundraiser/Hobby Musician, Chapel Hill, NC

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