Which one is the best fit?

I offer a variety of services for natural childbirth preparation and artistic performance. I also offer general wellness coaching. These are divided into two sections below, so you can find the option that’s right for your interests, needs, budget and availability. Packages and gift certificates are also a great way to invest in yourself or someone you care about.

Voicework for Childbirth and General Wellness Coaching

Are you preparing to give birth and want to know how to feel empowered and “in the zone”? Are you stuck or struggling with lifestyle changes and need a partner in the process?

Art of Embodiment voicework for mothers-to-be provides you with the tools and experiences to make the most of your body’s own resources during labor, and general wellness coaching can help transform your tension and overwhelm into spacious, centered well-being. See below for individual sessions, workshops, and classes.

3_20_09-79-for website_opt•    Wellness Classes and Workshops are designed to give you a foundation in body-centered well-being and learn specific body-centered stress management techniques at an economical price with the supportive presence of others. Workshops offer the chance to do a lot of work in a short amount of time and provide the chance for transformational “A-ha!” moments. Classes allow more time for integrating material over several sessions, fine-tuning skills and developing relationships.

Please Contact me for more info on upcoming Wellness Classes and Workshops.

•    Individual Coaching provides in-depth work on your specific situation, whether it’s preparing for natural childbirth, making a lifestyle change or just taming stress and tension. Sessions are designed around your goals to give you on-the-spot stress relief, learn and practice new skills, and discover insights for living a life of well-being, aliveness, and greater ease.

Contact me to find out more about Individual Wellness Sessions.

Voicework and Coaching in Artistic Development and Performance

Ready to take your singing or acting to a new level? Itching to flex your creative expression muscles?

AoE’s Artistic Development services help amateurs and professionals broaden horizons, improve skills, and engage more deeply with what seeks to be expressed. Whether you’re developing your voice and embodiment for compelling performances, or exploring creative, embodied expression for personal development, I help you take your journey to the next stage—in every sense of the word. Read on for more info about Individual and Group services.

•    Classes and Workshops offer a doorway into your artistic process for personal or professional development. With a focus on the conscious and expanded voice, embodied authentic movement, and physical yielding and grounding, groups can cover all stages of the artistic process, from beginning creative expression to giving your best performance. They offer the added benefits of economical life-enrichment, training, and learning in a small community.

Please contact me for more info on upcoming classes and workshops in Artistic Development and Performance.

•    One-on-one artistic coaching and voicework provides the most personalized attention and allows us to customize your program to suit your needs, whether you are a beginner or a professional artist. This option is ideal for anyone who wants to do specific or in-depth work in creative expression or artistic performance, those who want to go at a slower pace, or those who simply prefer private sessions to a group atmosphere.

Please contact me for details on Individual Artistic Coaching Services.

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