Is this you?

I help mothers-to-be and performing artists who want to deliver their very best when it counts, but don’t quite know how.

Pregnant women, do you recognize yourself in these scenarios?

Pic_dry streamiStock_000020156674XSmall_opt•    You know you want to labor naturally and have a good birth experience—but aren’t sure how to prepare or if you’ll be able to do it. You worry about whether you can endure hours of intense contractions and pushing without running out of patience and power. Or you fear that the pain will be overwhelming and  that your relaxation and breathing techniques won’t be enough. Whether from exhaustion or being unable to cope with the pain, you worry that you’ll end up getting drugs for pain (like an epidural), for labor progression (like pitocin), or cesarean section surgery (and maybe all three). You don’t want to fight needlessly and use up your “fuel” too soon, or collapse helplessly into scenario of multiple medical interventions.

Instead of fighting to exhaustion or giving up your power, you want to feel like you have options and tools, and have practice in using them before you go into labor.  You want to feel empowered and in the flow as you give birth.

•    However the birth happens, you want to help ease your baby’s transition into the outside world, but it seems unlikely. You know this moment could be the start of important bonding and give him or her a sense of deep belonging, but it could go by so quickly that you don’t have a chance to savor the moment. Plus, how do you connect meaningfully besides through your touch and eye-contact, which you can’t have until birth?

You want ways to welcome and connect with your baby in the weeks before birth, ways that can last long after birth as well.

•   As a new mother, the first few weeks and months with your baby are so tiring and challenging that you barely feel like yourself anymore. You can’t seem to get enough sleep or downtime to recover, or keep up old habits like exercise, and its definitely affecting your life, your family and your baby. You want to stay as balanced as you can for yourself and for your family. You know that “it takes a village” and that you can’t do it all on your own but don’t seem to have a solution.

You are looking for support to stay healthy and strategies to stay connected to yourself and your community.


Artists and creative types, do any of these situations sound familiar?

Pic_caged birdiStock_000004963408Small_opt•    As a singer or actor, you’re not satisfied with your voice or movement onstage or in the studio. You may not even know what your strengths are or where the edges and limits lie in your voice and body.

You need to develop your vocal skills and awareness; expand your qualities and range in voice and in movement; and explore your signature style and uniqueness in each area.

•    As a performer, you feel disconnected from yourself, your audience or your material. You’re not enjoying yourself or getting in the flow state onstage. Maybe you’ve noticed that certain limitations or habits keep showing up in your body or voice that don’t match your character or material. 

You need to get better at tuning into the three vital aspects of compelling performances, and hook into your monologue, song, or character in your body so that you feel transformed, and the audience does, too.

Pic-wild scared rabbitiStock_000001912739Small_opt_opt•    You’re ready to hit the panic button when the curtain rises or the camera is on. You may have no problem developing or rehearsing new material, but when it comes time to record, audition or perform, you feel tense, anxious, or like the floor has dropped out from under you.

You need to regain your confidence, center, and grounding so you can do your best.

•    You’re a creative person but you sense that something is missing from your expressive life. You don’t feel very alive or connected to yourself or spirit, and your normal routines and modes of expression are unfulfilling. You may not call yourself an artist, but you feel an impulse to “bridge the gap” to your authentic self by singing or sounding, movement, or attuning to your inner wisdom through visual or written forms of expression.

You’re looking to express yourself and explore your inner artist to reclaim a freedom of being or playing that you might have known when you were younger.


Are we a good match? We’re likely to have a successful working relationship that will benefit you if these descriptions fit:

•    You admit that you don’t have all the answers. You’re open to supportive coaching that will help you develop new skills and awareness.

•    You’re committed to your own development and well-being, and realize it may take practice, and even courage to change old patterns. You’re not looking for a quick fix.

•    You’re willing to try new things and new ways of being. You know that learning, change, and breakthroughs are more likely to happen if you’re curious, open to having fun and even willing to be silly at times.

•    You value open communication and can ask for what you need if our work seems off track or you don’t understand something.

•    You’re willing to experience and follow the wisdom of your own body, energy, and voice and let them be your guides and teachers as you develop embodiment skills for giving birth, giving powerful performances, and increasing your well-being.

•    You are open to finding out how your connection to others, spirit, or nature may impact your well-being or the process of creating great art.

Now that you know about the problems I work with and the kinds of clients I can best help, you’re ready to learn about How I Work.