How I Work

Here you can find out what kind of results you can expect from working with me, my values and approach to working with clients, and what makes me unique as a coach and teacher.

waveIf you’re preparing to give birth:

You’ll learn to use your voice, breathing, embodied movement, and personally relevant symbols, images, or songs to drop into a state of deep self-connection and flow that allows you to focus, self-soothe and progress in your labor. Rather than shutting down or resisting in response to intense sensations,  you’ll have practice using your body’s resources to cope with discomfort and find what works to help you “ride” the waves of contractions. We’ll work together to help you develop body-centered options, non-verbal signals, and empowering narratives and images to help in your journey to new motherhood.


Using voice, melody, words and song, you will be able to connect and communicate with your baby before the birth and give him or her a touchstone to share with you and the entire family during his or her transition into the world. You will have the chance to pick out or develop your own song, melody, or story, and by practicing it in the months and weeks before the birth, you will have a way to ease your baby’s entrance with a familiar ritual, one that you can continue to use long after those first precious moments.


If you’re a performing artist:

You’ll get better at sensing your body-mind and using that awareness and aliveness to express yourself more authentically via voice and movement. You’ll also increase your vocal range and the variety of qualities in your voice, and cultivate a more embodied presence in yourself and in characters you play. You’ll also get better at dropping the habits that prevent you from creating transcendent, fresh, and compelling performances. You will add what’s been missing to your artistic toolbox so that your performances come from a tangibly felt place inside you and connect with the audience more deeply.

Pic_sun through red treesiStock_000027903590XSmall_optYou’ll learn techniques for releasing pre-performance stress and tension (and post-performance energy or characters). Some nervousness is normal before a performance or audition, but through our work you will discover how to reconnect to ground, self, material and audience so tension doesn’t get in your way. You’ll even learn how to use tension to drop into your process of expression where your best performances come from.

You will reconnect with yourself, spirit, and/or nature. You’ll learn to trust your creative urges more, and follow expressive “threads” that lead to new visions, creative directions, and insights. Your sense of inner peace will likely grow as you allow your self-expression to develop.


My approach

•    My work is intuitive, interactive, collaborative and client-centered. Sessions are a place to “come as you are,” though clients often leave feeling more refreshed, energized, and in touch with themselves.

•    I aim to be a supportive guide, witness, and ally in your artistic, personal, and professional development. Though I can teach you a lot about wellness, embodiment, and artistic expression, I also help you remember what you may have once known how to do but have simply forgotten.

•    Each session develops according to your stated goals and the circumstances present that day, and I follow up sessions with a written recap via email so you can absorb our work in a different way and keep track of your progress.

•   I believe in being playful and cultivating an open mind as the quickest shortcut to breakthroughs in wellness or artistic development.

•    I encourage you to be a full partner in developing our direction though I am ready to offer suggestions.


My core values

•    Connection and Attunement—our success, joy, and satisfaction in life boils down to the quality of our relationships—to self, spirit, the physical world, others, and for artists, to our art. All of these relationships depend on our ability to connect and attune physically, emotionally, and energetically. This skill is the core of what I teach all my clients.

•    Embodiment—that is, learning to inhabit and feel present in the body, follow its impulses and listen to body-mind intuition—is an important and overlooked path to well-being, and to authentic artistic expression. I teach clients to embody themselves in the moment rather than embodying an abstract idea.

•    Choice—giving clients the power and responsibility to make choices during our work conveys respect, teaches self-empowerment, and opens a doorway to connection with the authentic self, as well as a providing fertile ground for learning.

•    Practical application—I use my energy and skills to give people tools that they can use in their everyday lives and professional development, and I give them structures that support their practice of the tools that they learn through me.

•    Curiosity and courage—I create a safe space for people to step out of their comfort zone, stretch themselves, and play at the edge of new possibilities of being, expressing, and learning. Curiosity, courage, and choice (above) are three vital ingredients that lead to clients feeling alive and empowered to make breakthroughs.

•    Service—my goal is always to foster my clients’ artistic development and/or well-being in healthy and empowering ways. I am open to changing directions or modifying what we’re doing to better suit a client’s needs at any time.


What separates me from the crowd of coaches out there?

There are many coaches doing good work out in the world, but what makes me unique are my depth and breadth of training, real-life experience, personal presence and intuitive gifts that I’ve developed through following a deep calling to serve others by teaching my work.

My background combines decades of artistic study and performance (including conservatory training) in dance, music and voice, an MA in somatic psychology, certification in wellness coaching, and a deep understanding of body-centered awareness and expression through longtime practices like meditation, voicework, and Authentic Movement. I have personally walked a path of struggle and transformation to become more authentic as an artist and more centered in the wisdom of the body, all of which enables me to be a compassionate and gifted witness and facilitator. Among the unique qualities I offer are a keen intuitive sense, a gentle presence, and a focus on spirit and nature as experienced through the body. Finally, all of my work unfolds in a context of come-as-you-are exploration, choice and safety that is rare and refreshing in today’s high-pressure world.

Now that you have a sense of what you’ll experience in working with me, I invite you to learn more about my Services.