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Welcome! I’m glad you found Art of Embodiment. Like a good host, I’m committed to giving all my guests (that’s you) some great freebies to help you see what I’m about and to help you feel at home here. At different times of the year different things will be on offer for wellness and for artistic development, but something will always be on this page. And without further adieu…


Free Mini Workbook:

Tempers, Triggers, and Tools:
An Introduction to Taming Your Stress Monster


Got stress? In this challenging and unpredictable world, we can’t control the events or people that wake up our “stress monster”—we can only choose how we respond to them. But few of us have the skills to do this consciously. If left unchecked stress wreaks havoc on our health, relationships, and peace of mind. But it doesn’t have to. In this mini-workbook, I’ll help you:

•       Find out what stress is (and isn’t)
•       Learn to measure your stress TEMPER and move toward TEMPERANCE
•       Hone your awareness of your triggers so you can stop the spiral of stress
•       Develop two body-centered skills to tame tension in daily life

By using this information you’ll begin to deepen your sense well-being and feel more like the owner of your life. You know that stress can get the best of you. But with the right tools and some practice, you can tame, and even befriend, your stress monster.


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* Note: the below e-book is available for free during December only. *

Just for the holidays!

My free e-book:

The Pleasure of Presents Presence: How to Lose the Mania and Get Back the Magic of the Holidays

When you think of the holidays, what words do you use to describe them? “Happy” and “heartfelt”? Sure. How about “hectic,” “harried,” and “headaches”? Unfortunately these, too, come to mind.

We have so many dreams, hopes, and expectations for the holidays to be like the finale in a big Broadway musical—the be-all, end-all experience of the year. Either that or we’ve given up all hope and have resigned ourselves to the holiday blahs. With all the highs promised and only sometimes delivered, it’s not surprising that we feel stress and pressure instead of elation.

Our culture only heightens our expectations with commercials that depict fairy-tale gatherings and special moments of wonder. But with the realities of shopping and shipping; cooking and baking; cleaning and entertaining; traveling and hosting, no wonder if we feel not only let down but darn right run down by January. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What can you do about it? With this new e-book and audio, you’ll get the help you need to be proactive, changing your hidden rules and drawing new blueprints. You’ll be given new ways to discover and use your untapped resources, and with helpful audio exercise downloads you’ll learn simple, do-anywhere tools to increase your grounding, gratitude, and relaxation. With these keys to presence, you can make this time of year yours to enjoy, even savor.

It is the season of giving, but it’s also a season of wisdom, kindness, and compassion. And since you can’t change the weather, other people, or make time move slower or traffic faster, why not be wise and compassionate toward yourself? This time around, give yourself—or someone else—the gift of your presence instead of just your presents.

You are encouraged to print out the e-book in its entirety but you can also read it onscreen and just print out select worksheets, checklists, and journaling exercises. And by putting the audio exercises on your Mp3 player or burning them to a CD, you’ll have help with your relaxation and grounding wherever you are. But this e-book will only be available for free during December, so don’t wait!

Please enjoy this gift from me in service of banishing your Holiday Stress Monster, and pass on the word if you find it helpful.