About me

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

—Joseph Campbell

I am a voice and wellness coach in Chapel Hill, NC who helps people discover and use the power of voice, movement, and conscious embodiment for childbirth, artistic performance, and well-being. Others have described me as a healer, and I am always honored by this. I feel that my work helps to bridge the split that may exist between the mind and body, between humans and nature, between performer and audience, and between unconsciousness and mindfulness.

I believe that following the authentic wisdom of the body/mind in moment-to-moment interactions with the world holds the key to expanded well-being, creative expression and artistic growth.

My work is deeply influenced by my long-term training and practice in Authentic Movementvoicework with Ethie Friend and Jonathan Hart Makwaia of the Roy Hart Theater, Body-Mind Centering, dance, and aspects of Buddhism. I hold a master’s degree in somatic psychology from Naropa University and am also a certified wellness coach through Wellcoaches School.

Have questions? Want to sign up for a workshop, class, or talk about private coaching? Please feel free to Contact me.