Under pressure would you rather fight, faint, freeze up, or flow?

Pic_Green mossy waterfall2013iStock_000017370694Medium_optMothers-to-be, are you ready for labor?

Performing artists, are you as good as you could be?

Art of Embodiment offers voicework and wellness coaching that helps laboring mothers-to-be and performing artists successfully deliver their best when the pressure is on by entering a state of flow. Once you tap into your body’s innate resources during these situations, their challenges become easier to navigate and move through.


Imagine what it would be like if you could:

•    give birth naturally feeling empowered and “in the zone”

•    deliver performances that are consistently authentic and compelling.

•    make breakthroughs in singing and vocal expression

•    regain your sense of connection to self, others, and spirit

•    make the lifestyle changes you want with fewer detours and roadblocks


If any of these sound good to you, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!


closeup_optMy name is Jenny Chafe and I developed Art of Embodiment to help artists deliver authentic, compelling performance, and mothers to deliver their babies naturally using unique voicework, wellness coaching and embodiment education that helps them cultivate new resources in conscious, embodied presence and expression. Art of Embodiment also helps those who need support to make desired behavioral changes for their health.

My background includes 20 years training and practice in the performing arts, advanced degrees and certifications in somatic counseling psychology and health & wellness coaching, and more than 12 years helping people find embodied wellness and authentic self-expression.

Clients notice immediate differences after only one or two sessions and many have breakthroughs in their ability to access voice and movement in natural childbirth, deliver powerful performances, and adopt healthier lifestyle habits. You can, too.

Please visit Is this you? to find out more about who I work with and the kinds of problems my coaching addresses.